State - Rajasthan


General Election 2013 - Candidate's Affidavit


AC No. & Name:122 - Phalodi

Sl. No. Candidate NameParty


ANOPARAM Independent



IMAGES/S20_18_122_ANOPARAM_01.jpg IMAGES/S20_18_122_ANOPARAM_02.jpg IMAGES/S20_18_122_ANOPARAM_03.jpg IMAGES/S20_18_122_ANOPARAM_04.jpg IMAGES/S20_18_122_ANOPARAM_05.jpg IMAGES/S20_18_122_ANOPARAM_06.jpg IMAGES/S20_18_122_ANOPARAM_07.jpg IMAGES/S20_18_122_ANOPARAM_08.jpg
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