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68 EVM Suggestive Plan for using PPTs for EVM-VVPAT Trainings
PPT-1  PPT-2  PPT-3  PPT-4  PPT-5  PPT-6  PPT-7
67 IT Presentation on ERONET-2017 View
66 Rolls Presentation & Reports reg. Polling Station Rationalization
Report-1  Report-2  Report-2_1  Report-3
View-1  View-2
65 Store ETS Stock Tacking Data Entry Support for Mobile App View
64 Store EVM & VVPAT Stock-tacking Mobile Application View
63 IT NERP/ECINET training to ERO level ICT personnel from 20 to 22 June,2016 conducted at HCMRIPA, Jaipur View
62 Rolls Training on 29.05.2016 through VC by SLMTs to to DEOs concerned and their Election & IT Staff- H.S. Goyal View
61 IT Training on 29.05.2016 through VC by SLMTs to to DEOs concerned and their Election & IT Staff- Pramod Agarwal View
60 IT IT Presentation on online ERMS System View
59 IT Presentation on Legal Provision of Electoral Roll View
58 IT Presentation of National Electoral Rolls Purification 2016 (English) View
57 IT Presentation of National Electoral Rolls Purification 2016 (Hindi) View
56 IT Presentation of IT Training for Summary Revision of Electoral Roll-2016 View
55 IT Presentation of IT Training for Summary Revision of Electoral Roll-2015 View
54 IT Presentation for Downloading the Mobile_App View
53 IT Presentation on IT Initiatives(Lok Sabha-2014)-M.M. Tiwari View
52 Expenditure Presentation of Training on EEM(Lok Sabha-2014) -H.S. Goyal View
51 Paid News Presentation of Training For Paid News(Lok Sabha-2014)-H.S. Goyal View
50 Sectors Officers Presentation on Sectors Officers Training(Lok Sabha-2014)- M. C. Sharma View
49 E- Rolls Presentation of Electoral Rolls (Lok Sabha-2014)- B. L.Kothari View
48 Postal Ballot Presentation on Postal Ballot (Lok Sabha-2014)- Pukhraj Sen View
47 Polling Agent Presentation on Polling Agent (Lok Sabha-2014)- R.P. Mishra View
46 Poll Day Presentation on Poll Day Arrangement (Lok Sabha-2014) View
45 PO Training PO Training 1st & 2nd Final (Lok Sabha-2014) - R.P. Mishra View
44 Photo & Videographer Photo & Videographer Training - Final (Lok Sabha-2014) View
43 Micro Observers Micro Observers Training 06-09 13 (Lok Sabha-2014) View
42 MCC MCC with Legal Provisions (Lok Sabha-2014)- Ummed Singh View
41 EVM EVM Preparation & Staff Training (Lok Sabha-2014)- Pawan Arora View
40 Counting Counting Party Revised (Lok Sabha-2014) - L.N. Mantri View
39 Counting Counting Agent (Lok Sabha-2014) - L.N. Mantri View
38 Continuous updation Continuous updation (Lok Sabha-2014) - Gopal Saini, View
37 BLO BLO Presentation (Lok Sabha-2014) - M.l.Nehra View
36 Poll Day SMS Based Poll Day Monitoring System View
35 Law & order Presentation on Law & Order and Vulnerability Mapping View
34 SVEEP Presentation of Nodal Officer of SVEEP, Jaipur on 24-10-2013 View
33 SVEEP Presentation of SVEEP given by Mr. Pareek on 24-10-2013 View
32 EEM Presentation of Political party on EEM & Paid news View
31 ECI Advertisements of Political Nature on TV Channel & Cable Network View
30 ECI Presentation of Paid News presented by DG ECI View
29 ALMTs Vulnerability Mapping View
28 ALMTs Voter Asst Booth-Training View
27 ALMTs Training For FS SST VST VVT ATs Incharge View
26 ALMTs Sectors Officers- Training View
25 ALMTs PPT For Political Parties on EEM & Paid News View
24 ALMTs Postal Ballot View
23 ALMTs Polling Agent View
22 ALMTs Poll Day Arrangement View
21 ALMTs Political Parties & Candidates-Election Process View
20 ALMTs PO Training - 3rd View
19 ALMTs PO Training 1st & 2nd Final View
18 ALMTs Photo & Videographer -Training-Final View
17 ALMTs Micro Observer Training View
16 ALMTs MCC with Legal Provisions View
15 ALMTs EVM Preparation & Staff Training View
14 ALMTs EVM & Poll Process in General View
13 ALMTs Counting Party View
12 ALMTs Counting Agent View
11 ALMTs BLO PPt View
10 ALMTs AM_ZM_Training View
9 ALMTs AA Direction for Training ALMTs View
8 ALMTs A-District Level Training Schedule View
7 BLO Presentation for BLO View
6 E-Rolls Presentation on Best Practices Regarding the Roll Management and Conduct of Election View
5 E-Rolls Presentation on Special Summary Revision & Continuous Updation of Electoral Rolls View
4 Polling Parties Presentation on IFMS- Election Module View
3 EVM PowerPoint Presentation on EVM View
2 EVM Training on EVM Tracking Application View
1 Expenditure PowerPoint Presentation on Election Expenditure Monitoring (EEM) View
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Nodal Officer: Sh. M.M.Tiwari, Jt. Chief Electoral Officer (IT)
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